The New You IS Good Enough

Here are the four steps shown in the video: First, measure your belief “I am not good enough” with a scale of 10 is totally true and 0 is totally false. Then, go through the four steps/ Worst-Case Scenario- Imagine you truly are NOT good enough. FEEL how it makes you feel. Tap until this […]

Abolish Your Inner Critic

Here are the four steps shown in the vide: Worst-Case Scenario- Imagine your Inner Critic has become louder and stronger. It has overtaken your mind. You cannot escape it. It is mean and hurtful. Think about what it is saying to you and how it makes you feel. Tap until this is neutral. Worst-Case Scenario- Imagine all you can hear is Inner Praise. […]

Tapping to Resolve Worry and Sadness

Tapping for Worry (Anxiety) and Sadness (Depression) Anxiety and depression are common health concerns. Conventional medical practices are not always effective and many people continue to suffer. EFT Tapping can also be used with both of these conditions. The following exercises describe the process. They take only a few minutes to perform and will likely […]

Law of Attraction and Tapping to Reach Your Goals

Simplified EFT Tapping™ and the Law of Attraction You can use SEFT to: Manifest a soul mate for yourself Create a more abundant lifestyle Expand the range of opportunities available to you Support a more profitable and successful business or holistic practice Win contests- just for fun! Attract whatever you want from life EFT Tapping […]

Exceptional Results on Chronic Pain

With this 2-Step tapping approach, even intense, decades-old pain can be quickly and easily resolved. Before you begin, rate your pain level (intense pain = “10;” no pain = “0”). This will help you to recognize shifts as you go through the process. Then, follow the steps described in the instructions or go through the […]


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