Abolish Your Inner Critic

Here are the four steps shown in the vide:

  1. Worst-Case Scenario- Imagine your Inner Critic has become louder and stronger. It has overtaken your mind. You cannot escape it. It is mean and hurtful. Think about what it is saying to you and how it makes you feel. Tap until this is neutral.
  2. Worst-Case Scenario- Imagine all you can hear is Inner Praise. It has a sarcastic voice and you cannot trust it. You don’t know what to believe. Tap until this voice sounds natural and you don’t react to it.
  3. Ask yourself the question, “What if my Inner Critic came back again and it was much worse?” Tap away any reaction to this thought.
  4. Close your eyes and try to find your Inner Critic. If it is still there, try to identify its qualities. Is it a voice? Is it male or female? Is it coming from the inside or the outside? From the left or the right? From the back or the front? Is the voice low or high and shrill? Is it loud or soft? Is it demanding and mean or pitiful and guilt-provoking? What is the voice saying to you? Identify one of these qualities and tap. When that has softened, identify another quality and tap. When that has softened, identify another quality and tap. Continue tapping until you cannot find it anymore.

That’s it! Your Inner Critic should be gone now, once and for all. If it does return, simply repeat the exercise. Enjoy the Inner Praise. You deserve it!

Valerie Lis, MA is the founder of Simplified EFT Tapping™. Valerie shows how this self-tool provides relief and promote lasting results for chronic pain, emotional distress, weight control, cravings, food and chemical sensitivities, and limiting beliefs. This process is credible, easy to learn, and often produces astounding results in just minutes. Valerie is also the author of Simplified EFT Tapping™: How to Get Exceptional Results Every Time You Tap.